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The hospital works under the Patronage of St. Martin De Porres. His life and approach to the ailing are valuable inspirations to the Institution. The students draw much good from his life which hold good in forming their ideals and motivation for their nursing career. It provides and environment of listening for the nurses, permeated with faith in love of God, drawn from the spirit of St. Magdalene of Canossa works as Catalyst in the intellectual, moral and professional formation of human person equipping the nurses,  to be committed caring, competent and professional, integrating the ethical, spiritual, social, political and cultural issues, through a holistically challenging, university of Health Science’s Curriculum. These future professional nurses in turn are to be prepared to have a strong concept of social and moral responsibility, critical and creative thinking, that will challenge them to participate in the emerging and re-emerging health needs of a changing society. The Academic program encourages free enquiry, creativity and decision-making for faculty, staff and students. This curriculum is built on knowledge from general education and updated health science’s curriculum, while integrating Christian principles, values and practices.

The faculty of the Canossa college of nursing believes in providing nursing education based and built on scientific principles and educational theory and practice in order to prepare professionally qualified nurses, who will be able to function as a team membesr, in all health care settings. The graduate with experience rapidly move, into leadership positions, in nursing education and administration.
We believe that skill in all aspects of communication is essential for the practice of nursing. We believe that the teachers have the responsibility to help the students to develop pride in the profession and guide with respect to her future in nursing career .
We promote an all around development of the students with special emphasis on intellectual,spiritual and cultural aspects needed to prepare a professional nurse, who will be a contributing citizen and an effective “CHANGE AGENT”   in an ever-changing society.

We uphold and instill respect for life from Womb to Tomb.


Educational Objectives
  • The purpose of B.Sc nursing programme is to prepare Graduate Nurses, who will function as members of the Health Team with competency and efficiency.
  • This will be achieved by means of a programme, which is geared to serve as a basis for advanced study and specialization in nursing and professional development.

      The graduate completing the course will be able to:

    •  Apply relevant knowledge from the humanities and biological sciences in carrying out health care activities and functions.
    • Demonstrate skill & efficiency in teaching, management and research.
    •  Show sensitivity to human needs and problems , skill in human relationship & communication in her daily work.
    • Demonstrate skill in improving problem- solving techniques in nursing practice and decision making at different levels of work and life.
    • Demonstrate leadership ability in working with the health team, in the community and others in the health care delivery system.
    • Recognize the need for continuing education and equip themselves with modern technnologies

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